Vassilisa prints are renowned for their unique look and modern appearance, achieved with a digital print method. The scarves are manufactured with high-end mills in Italy, suppliers to top luxury brands, as good as the digital print can get. Cashmere-Modal remains our most popular composition. Modal is a highly ecological yarn made from the beach tree cellulose (much higher in ecological grading than wool and cotton). It is amazingly soft and has great thermogenic and absorbency characteristics, making it uniquely comfortable in both hot and cold weather.  

Scarves are a delicate and fine product, which can last you a good time with the correct care. While the dry cleaning is typically recommended for scarves, we personally prefer to hand-wash our scarves in slightly warm water with detergent for delicates (Ecover Delicates, Woolite etc.), which makes them feel clean and refreshed. We have also washed them separately, or with other similarly coloured delicates, in washing machine on the Delicate Programme (can only be washed with similar colours). It is recommended dry them carefully by hanging them open, part open or flat. We find that after washing they may acquire even nicer texture and feel. These scarves can also be gently ironed.