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NEW Scarf "Fur Camelia" in Brown Beige and While XL


New amazing and popular arrival of our signature Fur Camelia in a sophisticated combination of beige, brown and white colours. Incredibly sophisticated, while being versatile and multifunctional in wear. Folds beautifully, and creates impressive effects in combination with so many other colours. Highly recommended. 

Size: XL 140x190 cm

Composition: 20% Cashmere, 80% Modal (a highly ecological yarn made from beech tree).

Made in Italy

Care: Dry-clean, Handwash, Machine Wash 30°C.

"There are many things special about VASSILISA luxury scarves, the fit, the quality, the design. What I especially like about them is that, while the dry cleaning is typical for scarves, these can be gently hand-washed. Which I really prefer, because I want to keep everything chemicals-free and fresh. It is essential, though, to dry them open or semi-opened. These scarves can also be gently ironed. So fabulous and fresh. This is where high-quality pays off" - Nadja Solovieva

NEW Scarf "Fur Camelia" in Brown Beige and While XL My cart

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