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Fox Scarf Black


This chic Vassilisa scarf features cute foxes. It is timeless and versatile, if this is the first VASSILISA item you shop - it can be it. Great in winter and autumn.

Size: 140x140 cm

Composition: 10% Cashmere, 90% Modal

Modal is a highly ecological yarn made from reconstituted cellulose from beech trees.

Made in Italy

Care: Dry-clean, Hand-wash, Machine Wash 30°C.

"There are many things special about VASSILISA luxury scarves, the fit, the quality, the design. What I especially like about them is that, while the dry cleaning is typical for scarves, these can be gently hand-washed. I really prefer it, because I want to keep everything chemicals-free and fresh. It is essential to keep in mind that we must dry them open, or semi-opened. These scarves can also be gently ironed. So fabulous and fresh. This is where high quality manufacturing distinguishes itself" - Nadja Solovieva

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