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VASSILISA Conscious Luxury approach.

We focus on in-depth considerations of sustainability and ecology in our design, manufacturing and all operations. Being small allows to monitor these aspects in depth. 

  • Mindful approach to design, manufacturing and business.
  • More ecological, no cruelty fabrics choices.
  • Minimal waste considerations in design and production, challenging manufacturers for more efficient methods.
  • Centre for Sustainable Fashion trained.
  • Limited edition and non-mass production approach.
  • Manufactured in Italy, supporting many generations of craftsmanship, no child exploitation.
  • SERI certified fabrics, highest ethical, ecological and performance quality. Non-toxicity, ASO free, certification.
  • Authentic design and luxury production creates timeless pieces, with many times of usage per item.
  • The general day-to-day operations – more paperless office, reduced carbon where possible (compact shipping, less number of shipments and emissions, preference to public transport).



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